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This pilgrimage has been postponed until 2021

Visit some of the most sacred sites in Spain and Italy!

We will visit the holy sites of Saint Theresa of Avila, Saint John of Segovia, Fernando III and Alfonso X of Spain, Catherine of Sienna, And Francis and Claire of Assisi. We will also spend time in Ananda Assisi and have access to meditate in Swami Kriyananda’s home where he left his body.

This pilgrimage will include a visit to the tomb of Fernando III of Spain on one of the few days each year that his tomb is open and his incorrupt body can be seen. Paramhansa Yogananda said that he had been king in Spain in a previous incarnation. Towards the end of his life Swami Kriyananda was able to visit the tomb of Fernando III and said that he felt that this was the king that Yogananda had been.

On this exciting pilgrimage we will visit:

In Spain:

Segovia – Home to St John of the Cross
Avila – Home to St. Theresa
Sevilla – Where San Fernando and Alfonso X are entombed

In Italy:

Sienna – We’ll stay in the convent where Saint Catherine lived
La Verna – Where Saint Francis secluded and received the stigmata. We will stay there 2 nights in seclusion
Assisi – We’ll visit the many sites of St. Francis and St Claire. We’ll stay at Ananda Assisi and get to enjoy the community there including opportunities to meditate in Swami Kriyananda’s home where he left his body.

We need to have at least 15 people signed up by the end of August for this pilgrimage to become a reality. The pilgrimage will have a maximum of about 30 people. Sign up now to secure your spot!

There will also be an optional 3 night extension to visit Florence Italy to experience the beauty of the great artists of the renaissance.