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Come get to know us! All levels are welcome in this yoga class.

Ananda Yoga helps to harmonize mind and body, promote inner calmness and peace, and inspire joy. We will warm up with the Energization Exercises, practice asanas (postures), and end with a brief 5-10 minute meditation. Potluck follows! Please fell free to bring a vegetarian dish or dessert.

**Suggested donation of $10-$15**

What is Ananda Yoga?

The primary purpose of Ananda Yoga is to raise consciousness; hence its full name: Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness. Ananda Yoga includes asana and breathing techniques, but also meditation and the classical teaching of yoga philosophy.

“When you practice the yoga postures, remember that you are not practicing merely a system of calisthenics. You are practicing what might be called ‘meditation in action’: movement meditation, as if you were doing almost a kind of spiritual dance. Remember, this is not sports. You don’t jump into a pose and jump out of it. The way you get into and out of a pose is almost as important as the pose itself. It helps to create a mood, a state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness while doing the poses is a very, very important part of the poses. Because finally speaking, these poses are intended to change your whole being. And that being is a radiation outward from within. What you are within, that you will be without.” – Swami Kriyananda