Navaratri: Celebrating the Peace & Power of Divine Mother as Durga

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Chaitra Navratri is the nine day festival celebrating Durga. Durga is the Goddess of war. She combats the negative forces that threaten peace, prosperity and Dharma – the power of good over evil. She rides a tiger and holds weapons in her hands, yet her face is calm and serene.


Durga is tranquil because she acts out of necessity, for the liberation of those who depend on her, not because she enjoys violence. On a deeper, personal level, Durga can liberate us from the downward pull of our negative thoughts. By calling upon her, we can slay the mental citizens that keep us bound in habitual patterns of negativity. These harmful thought habits are only trapped energy and when that energy is released upward we immediately feel an infusion of positivity.

Join us on for an evening celebration of good over evil. Together with Durga, we will overcome the darkness with chanting and affirmation, bring in the light with an arati, and open the floodgates of our consciousness to let in joy.

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