Music to Awaken Superconsciousness: Community Choir Rehearsal

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Music has long been a form of entertainment, but seldom is used as a tool for spiritual upliftment. Come experience the transformative and uplifting power of music and satsang through singing with our choir.

When we sing, we generate a powerful flow of energy and vibration on the level of consciousness of the piece of music we’re singing. In the case of Ananda music, the consciousness behind it has the power to change our lives. Singing Ananda music can awaken within us deep experiences of higher states of consciousness.

Singing with our choir doesn’t require any musical experience or training, all that is asked for is a willing and open heart. No matter your training, or if you think your voice is beautiful or not, you are welcome to come experience the uplifting power of music with us.

Singing in a group has been proven to create a sense of community and belonging – come join us in uniting our voices, energy, and inner joy through singing the music of Swami Kriyananda.

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