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Kamala Silva met Yogananda at the tender age of 19 when she and her mother attended Yogananda’s first Los Angeles lecture series. From that moment until her passing, at the age of 91, Kamala was a devoted disciple of the great yoga master and his teachings and in 1935 Yogananda ordained Kamala as the first female minister in his organization.

Yogananda often stayed at Kamala and her mother’s home during his brief rests from his extensive lecturing in the 1920s and Kamala recorded many incidents that chronicle her relationship with Yogananda. These stories are preserved in her two books: The Flawless Mirror (1964) and Priceless Precepts (1974). Her spiritual insights and the example of her life of loyal service to her guru continue to inspire generations of devotees to come.

Presenter: Tyagi Ram

SAINTS: Those Who Walked With God
The saints are sources of inspiration and truth for all who are on a spiritual path. Each one was directly guided by the Divine and expressed in their unique way God’s love for us and the world. In these five weeks we will examine the lives of five saints: Saint Francis, Ramakrishna, Saint Lynn (Rajarsi Janakananda), Sister Gyanamata and Kamala Silva. Come join us in this celebration of divine realization and be uplifted by their stories of discipleship and selfless service to God.

This event is free, but donations are gratefully accepted