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Join us for an evening of sacred chanting. Chanting has the power to transform and uplift the soul, and to open the heart. Most chants are simple to lear, so you’ll be able to join in easily your first time. Words are provided. We’ll sing many beautiful chants in English, as well as some Indian chants, accompanied by harmonium and guitar. All are welcome.

The theme of this kirtan will be devotion and attunement to the Guru. We will enter in silence and seek to stay in a state of openness and attunement throughout the kirtan. All of the chants that will be used will be provided on a single sheet. Toward the end, you may offer a candle and a flower to the Guru if you wish. The candle will be provided. Please bring a flower if you feel moved to do so.

We believe this can be a beautiful and powerful experience as we, through chanting and meditation, seek to focus on the living presence of Guruji within us.

Please note: There will be incense used during this kirtan.