Introduction to Self-Realization

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Join this interactive class on Zoom April 18 at 5pm.

Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, this is an introduction to the larger 12-week course “The Art & Science of Raja Yoga.”  Raja Yoga offers a scientific approach to the spiritual life, with techniques for stilling the mind and expanding our awareness of spiritual realities. It offers techniques for self-mastery in every aspect of life, from calming turbulent emotions to awakening deep compassion and love for others. Ultimately, it is a comprehensive study of how to live a spiritual life.

The teachings of Raja Yoga are compatible with the core teachings of all great world religions. Devoted members of all faiths are active in Ananda.

Topics discussed in this introductory class will include:

  • What is our true nature?
  • How much free-will do we have?
  • Chakras
  • Energy & magnetism
  • Meditation
  • Karma & Reincarnation
  • The path of Kriya Yoga

This event is FREE with donations welcome.

All are welcome!

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