How to Have Courage, Calmness & Confidence

with Narayan & Dharmadevi
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Join ALA’s spiritual directors Nayaswamis Narayan & Dharmadevi Sunday morning for a special workshop on Master Yogananda’s teachings to help us all navigate through this trying time of global challenge. Let us stand together “unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.”



10:00am  –  Meditation & purification on your own (not livestreamed)

10:45am  –  Pre-service chanting (Peter, Aaron, Cora…livestreaming begins)

11:00am  –  Welcome/Prayer/Sharing on theme “HTHCCC”  (Narayan & Dharmadevi)

11:10am   –  Video of Jyotish, Devi, Dr. Peter (being posted on today)

11:15am   –  Music/Chanting/Meditation/Affirmation (Peter, Aaron, Cora)

11:45am   –  “Keep the body fit for Self-realization.”

11:50am   –  “Let joy be your gun.”

11:55am   –  “Overcome all by constant inward calling on God and utmost devotion in words, thought, action, and obedience to Guru.”

12:00pm  – “Life is nothing if not a continuous overcoming of problems.”

12:05pm  –  “A true warrior, though afraid, plunges courageously into battle when the strength of his arm is needed.”

12:10pm  –  “Be calmly active, and actively calm.”

12:15pm  –  “The things that happened to us do not matter; what we become through them does.”

12:20pm  –  Closing Healing Prayer & Visualization

NOTE: Until further notice, all classes and events will be held ONLINE. Join us on