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How many times do we think about what we want for our children or students?

How can we prepare them to face life with joy and self-confidence?
How can we help them be calm and manage their emotions when we lose our own calmness and feel frustrated ourselves?
How can we gain the trust of our children and make them listen to us?

Guiding children in their growth is one of life’s greatest challenges, but also one of life’s greatest gifts.

The first key to guiding our children’s growth is in ourselves, the parents and teachers.

This Education For Life course proposes a path of growth that involves the adult first, to get us to know ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses. It guides us to be able to enter the child’s world and create a relationship of mutual respect, trust and listening.

To welcome the waves of children’s emotions the course offers us tools to develop calmness and emotional balance to help children to manage and transform their emotions in a positive way.

The course guides us to balance all parts of our being, body, feelings, will and intellect, both in us and in children, as well as develop all the qualities and values that prepare us for a harmonious and fulfilling life: courage, cooperation, kindness, willpower, concentration and the ability to choose happiness in all circumstances. In Education for Life there are no obstacles, only opportunities.

We will accompany you on this path of expansion and joy to live education as a wonderful adventure that life presents us, the opportunity to develop our full potential and our children’s potential and discover many facets of ourselves previously unknown.

This is a five-class series that will start Saturday, September 5th. For more info, please contact Cora Chiavedale at [email protected] or www.edforlife.org.

There are only a few places left, so sign up today!