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Join us on Zoom to develop and share your life skills!

Just as there are physical difficulties, we can observe people experiencing other difficulties such as insensitivity, distraction, low energy, restlessness.

Positive values and qualities bring greater happiness and peace in our lives.

In this program for families, adults and children alike will experience the joy of exploring these treasures within themselves. Every class is based on the the Life Skills Charts, an essential tool created by the EFL (Education for Life) movement that helps cultivate those qualities that help us to live our lives more fully.

Children who have the opportunity to develop positive qualities as part of their education will be prepared to lead their lives as an adventure toward success and fulfillment.

The best way to communicate this more cheerful perspective to children is through the language of play. Stories and games naturally convey in a lighthearted way qualities like peace, kindness, truthfulness, patience, courage, flexibility and cooperation.

Be part of this playful, light, transforming program for everyone!

Join us by registering HERE.

Suggested donation: $15