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When the world around us is in chaos, we can connect to a source within.  Here we find not only strength and courage but tangible guidance.  

When we are in an intuitive flow we are far more alive and aware. Synchronicities begin to unfold all around us; we feel guided and inwardly supported. We are inspired by a larger vision, in tune with a greater reality. We are in sync with the Divine Intelligence.  

Discover the principles and practices that shift you out of turbulence and into flow. 

In your own creative space at home join with others online in a high-vibration, creative flow. Each person will create their own ‘soul expression’ and learn to how to read its message. Dana will facilitate the process and be available during the class for questions and personal guidance.  

We will play with creative modalities, but it’s NOT ABOUT ART!  When you OPEN THE CHANNEL the pulsing vibrant energy of LIFE can flow through you without resistance.

You begin to move through the world differently.

The freedom you experience translates to all modalities of Art & Life.

Dive into the creative process without preconceived plans and notice how this transforms your approach to creating your world.  When you learn to follow the inner flow, life shows up differently.


      • Upon registration you will be sent the Zoom link and password. You will also receive a list of simple materials you probably already have around the house.
      • This online workshop is available on a donation basis
      • Suggested donation: $108


A pioneer in the field of art & consciousness, Dana Lynne Andersen MA will open your doorway to sparkling higher states of consciousness through fun and simple processes. She uses the arts to catalyze personal transformation and collective evolution.

Founder and creative director of The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness in Assisi, Italy, Dana is an internationally recognized artist and creative whose paintings have been featured on the covers of books, magazines and calendars. Her artwork and visionary thinking has been explored in newspapers, radio and television. Dana is also a loving and inspiring teacher, a “Vesuvius of creativity” and an “important visionary for the consciousness community.”


Awakening Arts Academy


DLA Creative Workshop

This online workshop is available on a donation basis
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  • Suggested: $108.00