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Join us this evening on anandala.tv, where we will sing chants written by Swami Kriyananda.

Chanting helps awaken feeling in the heart; it helps direct the mind; it helps create enthusiasm. A song sung with devotion over time has been spiritualized. Singing a spiritualized song as a part of your spiritual practice can help to uplift you into a state of higher consciousness.

Also, chants have words that have meaning. Singing a chant is like saying a prayer, but the music adds extra power to the prayer, making it more effective.

When we sing it over and over again, with determination and intensity, it can us take deeply into meditation.

Swami’s calm energy and joy, devotion and spiritual longing are available to us by faithfully chanting these inspired words and melodies.

Come chant with some of our Ananda Los Angeles Chant Leaders and with chanters from around the world.