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Join us on anandala.tv for an inspiring, uplifting evening of discovery: a taste of the revolutionary system of Education for Life (EFL). We will be talking live with special guest Nitai Deranja, the founder of EFL International, who will be sharing his wisdom from 50 years of revolutionizing education.

Learn about the wisdom and practical tools of EFL that can transform and empower you and your children to realize your highest potential and inner Joy.

We will be taking questions via the Livestream chat, or you can send questions beforehand to [email protected].

If you could put what you are doing in the public schools, it would change the world,” a Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Official reacted with these words after visiting an Education for Life school.

Education for Life is a worldwide movement based on Paramhansa Yogananda’s education ideals. Founded at Ananda Village in 1972, its mission is to provide students with a balanced education of the body, emotions, will and intellect, to prepare them for life’s diverse challenges as well as to help them discover ever-deeper levels of purpose and happiness.

My daughter is learning at school to approach life with joy, love, kindness, and a positive attitude. We see the changes in her quite clearly. The love and joy she brings home seems to have an uplifting effect on us parents, too.
~Parent from the Palo Alto school

Our vision is to create an EFL reality here in Los Angeles, to share this gift with many children and to help parents and teachers work together with joy and inspiration in the life-long adventure of education.

Your energy, love, enthusiasm, support at any level, will be a very precious help!