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“I and my Father are One.”

– Jesus Christ


Join us in-person or on Livestream when we celebrate spiritual Christmas on Saturday, December 18th with the annual 8-hour meditation.

The All-Day Christmas meditation is a tradition Paramhansa Yogananda started in 1931 as a time to worship God as expressed through the life the Christ, and to expand our awareness of the Christ Consciousness in our own souls.

This day-long meditation has become the heart of Ananda’s Christmas celebration: a day dedicated to communion with Christ Consciousness.


“Christ is only suggested in social Christmas festivities, but He is seen and felt as an everlasting, ever-joyous fact in the cradle of divine ecstasy. Make the unknown Christ known within yourself by seeing Him born a second time as the ever-new, ever increasing joy of your daily deep meditation.”

– Paramhansa Yogananda


“When Jesus said in the Bible, ‘I and my Father are One,’ He was declaring that He had united His soul with the Infinite Spirit. His words spoken in truth, were meant as a challenge and an inspiration to us all to ‘go and do likewise’. He was saying He had accomplished what He had come on earth to help all of us to accomplish: to unite our souls with the endless source of Divine Love.”

– Swami Kriyananda



9:00 AM to 10:00 AM – Energization exercise and Yoga (Optional)

Before 10:00 AM – Set up your sitting area and be ready to start together at 10:00 AM sharp

10:00 AM – Prayer, Invocation, welcome, brief description of day

“Meditate deeply on Universal Christ Consciousness!”

10:15 AM – Chanting

10:30 AM – Meditation (1 Hour)

11:30 AM – Chanting

11:45 AM – Meditation (2 Hours)

1:45 PM – Music

2:00 PM – Mid-day break

2:20 PM – Chanting

2:30 PM – Meditation (45 minutes)

3:15 PM – Music and Chanting

3:30 PM- Meditation (45 Minutes)

4:15 PM – Music and Chanting

4:40 PM – Meditation (30 Minutes)

5:10 PM – Music and Chanting

5:30 PM – Meditation (20 Minutes)

5:55 PM – Closing Chant, Healing Prayer, Closing Prayer

6:00 PM – Conclusion


Here are some tips for the day:

***Please keep silence throughout the day***

Preparation: Rather than a heavy breakfast, eat light, easy to digest, foods—or fast. Some people like to bring a light snack for the midday break.

Clothing: Dress in loose, soft, comfortable clothes, a little warmer than usual, & a blanket or shawl. Don’t bring nylon clothes or plastic bags that cause sound.

What to have: You may wish to have water, personal cushions or shawls. Have earplugs and an Aum board ready if you use one.

What not to have: Your mobile phone – or make arrangements so you can keep it switched off (not vibrate mode).

Timing: Please be ready by 9:15 or 9:30 am if possible, set up your sitting area, energize, do maha mudra. There is a power when we sit and start together at 10:00 am, with prayer, chanting and deep meditation. The vibration builds throughout the day, so please join us all day if you can.