The Yoga of Jesus: Celebrating The Resurrection of Christ Within

A Jesus Kirtan
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Join us on in the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection with an evening of devotional chanting, prayer, meditation, and yoga to awaken the Christ within. Feel the joy and compassion of Christ as we explore the hidden truths of the gospels and meditate on these sacred teachings. 

  • Go deep in the vibration of Christ during this powerful time.
  • Preparation your heart for Easter Sunday with devotional kirtan chanting and meditation.
  • Jesus, the Christ, the Light of the world, stands as an unparalleled example of sacrifice, love, knowledge and realization of Truth. To the devotee, the person of Jesus reflects the highest potential of our spirit. It is the crystallization of spirit that is the Christ Consciousness, the Light that is born to save the world from darkness. 
  • Christ represents the highest, the pure essence of man as a piece of the Ultimate Consciousness.

Yogananda wrote, “As the Christ Consciousness is universal, so does Jesus Christ belong to all…” One of Yogananda’s greatest aims was to restore the original teachings of Christianity, and to share scientific techniques that would give us a direct experience of Christ. 

Donations are welcome and encouraged.

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