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How many times do we think about what we want for our children or students?
How can we help them be calm and manage their emotions when we lose our own calmness and feel frustrated ourselves?

Guiding children in their growth is one of life’s greatest challenges, but also one of life’s greatest gifts. The first key to guiding our children’s growth is in ourselves, the parents and teachers.

Through this Education For Life course, learn tools to develop deep calmness, confidence and positive attitudes and to support a child’s maturity, balance and joyful growth.

To welcome the waves of children’s emotions the course offers us tools to develop calmness and emotional balance to help children to manage and transform their emotions in a positive way.

In this five-week course you will:

  • Gain a profound new way of creating meaningful and deep connection with children of all ages
  • Be introduced to methods for awakening enthusiasm in children for any activity and subject, by building awareness of energy and how to use it positively
  • Learn an approach to meditation that’s custom-tuned for working with children, so you can respond positively to challenging situations from a calm center
  • Discover a four-stage approach to guiding individualized growth
  • Experience a practical, fun, and transformative strategy for learning life skills
  • Discover a journey of personal development to awake your true potential and uniqueness as a parent or a teacher and support the children to achieve their highest potential

The Education for Life online course starts on Friday, June 11th, from 5:00 – 6:30pm PDT.
In 5 classes we will experience an amazing journey of self discovery and transformation!

To find more info and register: https://edforlife.org/courses/progressive/
For any further questions please contact [email protected]