By Keshava Betts
November 1, 2016

I have now been practicing the energization exercises six times a day for six months. It’s been an adventure, and one that I am incredibly grateful to be on. Doing the exercises with such intensity and regularity has taught me some valuable lessons that I’m eager to dive even deeper into. I’ll share some of what I’ve been working on.

1) Energy is joyful! When I succeed in awakening, and raising my energy I find the experience to be incredibly joyful. Interestingly, the more joy I can bring into my practice of the energization exercises, the more energy I feel afterwards; it’s a positive feedback loop!

2) Energy is calm. Having high energy does not mean to be in a frantic state of hyperactivity, but rather to be in state of dynamic poise. When I manage to retain that state of poise, I can maintain my energy throughout the day, and through trials.

3) Energy awakens all the divine qualities. No matter what divine quality you feel most drawn to, or want more in your life, energy can help to awaken it. I sometimes find myself sneak-attacked by bouts of devotion, both during inward activities like chanting and meditation, but also during mundane tasks such as driving!

4) The Energization Exercises have helped me to deepen my attunement to Yogananda. I took a closer look at the prayer we say before energizing, “Oh Infinite Spirit, recharge my body with Thy conscious cosmic energy, etc.” The prayer asks for Thy cosmic energy, not, “More of my earthly energy,” I’ve found that I feel myself closer to Master when I pray, and practice with this emphasis.

5) Energy has no end. There is no beginning nor end to cosmic energy, it’s only a matter of if we are currently attuned to it or not.

6) Energy has no limits. On a few occasions I’ve practiced the energization exercises as much as four times consecutively, and they get progressively deeper, more powerful, and more joyful! I’ve yet to discover a level of energy that cannot be improved upon.

7) My energy is largely dependent on my attitude. When I slip into attitudes of complaining, about other people, myself, or any circumstance, those attitudes rob me of my energy. But I find that when I adopt Yogananda’s advice to, “Meet life with the courage of a hero, and the smile of a conqueror,” then nothing can disturb my inner calm. Obstacles transform into opportunities to demonstrate heroism, and to prove to myself that I am a conqueror of my own inner being.

8) The more energy I have, the more I can be of service to all. It has been deeply satisfying to grow in my capacity for service, and that aspect alone has made this little energization project worth it.

All said, it’s been a thrilling six months. I am determined to continue for another six months to close out one year. I’ve been nothing but impressed with the results of the energization exercises and I can’t wait to see what they have to teach me next.

Energization Bunny: A Year of Energy   (Part 3)