By Keshava Betts
June 28, 2016

For some of you who may not know, I began an intensive Energization practice back in the beginning of May. I got the idea in April when I was required to work intensely long hours on a movie set, sometimes as long as 29 hours. I was working as a stuntman, and safety is our number one priority, so for the sake of the well-being of those I was responsible for, I began practicing the energization exercises in the bathroom during breaks to keep myself fresh and mentally sharp. I was beyond impressed with how I was able to remain cohesive and in command of my senses over such long hours. After seeing the power of the Energization Exercises so plainly demonstrated I decided to do a bit of an experiment on myself; I began energizing six times a day, every day.

I’m just now approaching two months of this practice, and I’ve noticed a few changes in me:

Interestingly, the need to eat has diminished. I’m not sure if I’m feasting on prana, or if my metabolism has just slowed down (I stopped weightlifting in May, so it might be partially because of that), but I have done accidental 20 hour fasts, and not even noticed!

2) I have become more attuned to the subtler reality of energy. In meditation, when sitting in the silence, when I focus on expanding my awareness beyond my body, I sometimes feel a sweeping wave of energy flood my being.

3) An enthusiasm that won’t die. I find myself incredibly enthusiastic, more so than ever before. Obstacles seem almost enjoyable, as they’re now only becoming another way for me to practice manifesting energy.

4) Intense productivity. When I set my mind to accomplish something, it happens very quickly. I’ve written scripts in an hour that would have taken me weeks to do. I’ve written poetry in seconds that would have taken me hours of mumbling and dragging my feet.

5) People seem to be noticing. Friends who have no idea I am on the spiritual path have made comments recently about how I apparently look more vital. Interesting.

6) My desire for deepening my spiritual practice is intense. I want to meditate more than I have before, I want to meditate longer, I want to pray deeper, longer, more frequently. I’m amazed at how a wave of grace seems to be carrying me further and further into my practice.
All this to say, I’m very excited and impressed with my intense practice of Energization. I will continue with this level of intensity for a while, I’m even toying with the idea of doing this for a whole year, but we’ll see.

Jai Guru!