By Keshava Betts
May 30, 2017

A little more than a year has passed since I began practicing Yogananda’s Energization Exercises six times a day. Just recently, when a friend asked me, “What do you feel you’ve gained from the practice?” I was unable to answer, because how could I begin to list, or even comprehend how this practice had transformed my life? Finally, lacking a better response, I said, “What haven’t I gained?”

I don’t mean to imply that I don’t have any work to do, not at all! In fact, I think the practice of the Energization Exercises has heightened my ability to accurately target qualities in myself that I want to change! What I meant is, there is no arena of my life that hasn’t been transformed in the past year. From my outer work, to my inner spiritual life; from my physical body, to my energetic power; from my interpersonal relationships, to my own relationship with God and Guru.

Yogananda said that the Energization Exercises would prove to be one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon mankind. In a public talk on how to be a success, Swami Kriyananda said the two secrets to success were energy and concentration. It makes perfect sense! If you don’t have energy, how can you expect to make headway in any undertaking? And without concentration, surely most of your energy will be wasted anyway!

Energization delivers to us at least half of the above equation. Learn to properly use the Energization Exercises and you will unlock the secret to boundless energy. Partner that practice with Yogananda’s Hong-Sau technique – which he called the “highest technique of concentration,” and you have a recipe for success. Yogananda said his techniques were scientific, that if applied properly they would deliver results. And they have.

By practicing the Energization Exercises so frequently, and by regularly meditating, I unwittingly was practicing Swami Kriyananda’s equation for success. Coincidentally, that’s just what I would call this past year; a romping success. Not because of anything outward, but because who I am has changed, and I feel closer to God.

To keep true to the themes of my past Energization Bunny blogs, I’ll share a brief list of  highlights and points from the year:

1. I practiced the exercises six times a day, every day. Sometimes as much as nine times. The simple act of following through with this commitment has taught me a lot about will-power and determination.
2. My experience of the Energization Exercises has constantly evolved and deepened. Every few months, they revealed another layer of depth to me, sparking a new wave of joyous exploration. Yogananda said they were the “desert island” technique – that if you could only take one technique with you to a desert island, it would be Energization – because through them you would discover all the others.
3. Energization has deepened and inspired all my other spiritual practices. Every technique, and every attitude has benefited.
4. Energization has made life more joyous! It’s become clear to me that my capacity to enjoy life is closely tied to my level of energy – more uplifted energy, more fun! Yes, even in the “hard times”, fun can be had… If your energy is high enough!

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