What is happening to our planet?

A pandemic, economic fallout, social unrest, and general chaos have seemingly become our new normal.

What’s next? Civil war and/or world war? Why has this period been so polarizing and transformational at the same time?

Cultural creatives (like you) want the world to change for the better. And there is no doubt we are on the eve of a titanic transformation. Will it be clean and easy? I think you know the answer to that!

We are experiencing a “phase change” in the world’s consciousness. 

In physics a phase change is when, for example, an ice cube melts from a solid state into water. Add more heat and the water evaporates into gas. An increase in heat causes the phase change.

When it comes to a change in consciousness, climate change and rising temperatures are not the catalyst. Swami Sri Yukteswar explains in his book, The Holy Science, that we have entered a new age of energy awareness called Dwapara Yuga because of the sun’s movement within the galaxy. (I’d highly recommend another fascinating book, The Yugas.)

Although Dwapara Yuga began in 1700 AD, there was a two-hundred year transition period. So Dwapara Yuga proper really began in 1900 AD. So we are only 120 years into ascending Dwapara Yuga which is a 2,400 year energy age.

The new rays of Dwapara Yuga can be used for selfish means (Kali Yuga’s material-minded legacy) or for expansive, generous directions. This would explain why we see “dinosaurs on steroids” in the realm of politics, business, and religion. And we also find the world innovating at a breathtaking pace to solve the humanitarian and environmental crises we face.

Kali Yuga mentality is fixed in the solid state of dogmatic “either or” consciousness. While Dwapara Yuga is fluid and flowing with inspiration in a more expansive “both and” paradigm. Kali Yuga is problem-consciousness while Dwapara Yuga is solution-consciousness.

How can we recognize Dwapara Yuga? One way is to simply start acknowledging the universal chronology. Swami Kriyananda writes in Religion in the New Age (Swami wrote this in Dwapara 308. I updated the year so we could feel like he’s talking to us now).

“To give the year we presently know as 2020 AD. the name Dwapara 320 would be an affirmation that we really are in a new phase of history, and that the time has come for mankind to try to understand both earthly events and universal realities in subtler, energetic relation to human affairs.

“The present year, then, is not 2020 AD. Following the chronology proposed by Sri Yukteswar, it is Dwapara 320.”

Attuning ourselves to the current age of Dwapara Yuga will help us make the changes necessary to usher in this new age and release the hold Kali Yuga is still imposing on us.