After two intense days of testing, which revealed: a suspicious nodule in my breast that I was told had a 40-90% chance of being malignant, bloodwork that confirmed I had Lyme disease, time with a psychologist that made it obvious I had a good deal of trauma I was still processing, we sat with my primary doctor to discuss a treatment plan.

We were at an amazing facility, called Sanoviv, where they practice holistic healing and address all aspects of a person’s body, mind, and soul. Every morning the staff discusses each patient and comes up with a game plan for his/her care. 

My doctor went over all my test results and with all seriousness looked at me and Narayan and said, “We’ve all discussed your case and it seems like your primary focus should be… your teeth.”

My teeth?! What about the potential breast cancer? The Lyme disease that has been debilitating my body for the past year or more? I had no choice but to laugh. Divine Mother was playing with me. And I remembered in that moment how important laughter is in the healing process. 

So, every day during our stay, each of which included intensive treatments, Narayan greeted me with a good (or bad) joke. I even received some good ones from friends on the path (my favorite is below). Laughter helped me through quite a time of upheaval and uncertainty because it reminded me not to take myself or my current situation too seriously. 

Paramhansa Yogananda said to read a funny story every day. And Swami Kriyananda wrote about humor in his book Affirmations for Self-Healing

“A good sense of humor is an effective means of keeping a sense of perspective through the trials and difficulties of life.”

When life is pressing down on us, or feels overwhelming, let us use Swamiji’s prayer together, “I delight in life’s comedy, for it reminds me that true sanity exists in Thee alone!”