This past weekend around the country, a population largely still in self-isolation came out to protest a long-standing issue of our nation. When the protests turned to looting and violence in many of our cities, including Los Angeles, the question many of us asked was: what can I do?

A few years ago, Nayaswami Jyotish shared a story about Indu Bhan, a key assistant and good friend of Swami Kriyananda. Mahavatar Babaji would come visit Indu Bhan’s mother Rani and on one occasion, she asked Babaji, “Why don’t you do something to stop all the darkness we see in the world today?”

Babaji answered, “Darkness has its necessary place, since creation depends upon the duality of both light and dark for its very existence. But although I cannot stop the darkness, it is my job to help increase the light.”

This past weekend’s frustration and anger were symptoms of a far-reaching systemic problem, the resulting looting and violence a collective cry for help, symptomatic of a more widespread pain. Though we may not be able to immediately solve these problems, we can nevertheless be part of the solution: by shining our own Light more brightly.

Let us have compassion for those who are angry and pray that they will see that violence does not stop violence. Let us also pray for our society as a whole to finally break through and replace fear and prejudice with compassion and mutual understanding.

As the coronavirus does not discriminate, let us choose not to discriminate as well. We are in this together and need to stand in solidarity to win against this silent viral killer, instead of fighting amongst ourselves.

In the final analysis, whatever our skin color, we are all of the same human race. So let’s start acting as Master Jesus had advised: to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and to love thy neighbor as thyself.

As we are indeed, all one.