Just Don’t Do It!

Just Don’t It! Narayan and I are in beautiful Costa Rica as I write this blog. On our first day, we attended a yoga class. The teacher informed us that yoga is much more than the asanas, or postures, so she was going to share some yogic philosophy with us. She began talking about Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, or the 8 limbs of yoga. She wanted to give special emphasis to the first limb, Yama. Yama literally means “control” in Sanskrit. … Read More

The Infinite (& Infinitesimal) Christ Consciousness

The other day Dharmadevi and I stopped at a Cafe on the West Side for a bite to eat. It was called “The Golden Mean”. On their menu they described the Golden Mean as “the pause between two extremes.” Wow, I thought, what a great description of the Christ consciousness! And it was a poignant reminder for me to prepare inwardly for spiritual Christmas through our upcoming all-day meditation. What better way to describe the Christ consciousness than the “pause … Read More

A Christmas Message from Paramhansa Yogananda

My Christmas wish for you this year is twofold: that the consciousness of Christ be manifest in you through deep meditation, and that your exemplary actions will persuade others to abandon their evil or worldly ways and become spiritual. Both meditation and action are necessary on the spiritual path, for they contribute toward individual and mass evolution. It is not God’s will to develop spiritually in a selfish way, i.e., without extending help to others who are suffering. So remember always … Read More