Make It Happen for Him!

Growing up in the American Northeast, I met a lot of characters (some were members of my own family!). When I was in high school, my soccer teammates and I trained during the summer for the upcoming fall season. Part of our training included weight lifting so we looked for a local gym. Before becoming members, we went to check out a prospective fitness studio where we met John Helane — a sales consultant whom we would never forget. He … Read More

The Value of Utter Desperation

There’s an old saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” When you desperately need an answer, the universe responds. I remember when I was working in the financial markets in New York City I experienced this value of utter desperation. My life had become increasingly busy and stressful. So much so that I reached a point of despair thinking: What is the purpose of life? How can I know my purpose and why I’m here? In response to these inner … Read More

“Use Both Your Hands!”

My grandfather, Phil Maita, was old school. Urban legends surrounded him like conspiracy theories around the current pandemic. For example, years after my grandfather had passed away my father picked up Dharmadevi and me from the airport. As he was driving my Dad pointed out an old industrial building we were passing. “Philip, you see that building…Your grandfather couldn’t read or write and he walked in there and gave them an estimate of how much pipe they needed within a … Read More

Where Has My Love Gone?

We visited the Emergency Room for the third time in four weeks. Dharmadevi’s body has been going through some type of karmic cleansing period. A week ago, her fever began to spike (yet again) and she was having severe abdominal pains. Out of precaution we went back to the ER.  One of the nurses said to her, “Oh, I remember you…you were so kind the last time you visited.” Apparently, ER nurses are part of Dharmadevi’s new ministry! Even though … Read More

From The Road Ahead

The Need to Prepare How will you and your family and friends fare in the years to come? Will you continue to eat well? to drive your own cars? to own your own homes? Will you still be able to vote in free elections? to choose your own line of work? to live and travel where you please? Are world wars now a thing of the past? Is mankind moving toward greater plenty, security, and social justice? Or are we … Read More


Out of the darkness, an almost pitch black backdrop, I saw a figure. He stood alone. All of a sudden, he gripped what appeared to be a weapon preparing for battle. His face clearly strained as he stood strong upholding what I now could tell was a cross made of white light. With all his might and both hands he thrust the cross above his head like a spiritual sword. His self effort drew some greater power to his aid … Read More

Compassion for All

This past weekend around the country, a population largely still in self-isolation came out to protest a long-standing issue of our nation. When the protests turned to looting and violence in many of our cities, including Los Angeles, the question many of us asked was: what can I do? A few years ago, Nayaswami Jyotish shared a story about Indu Bhan, a key assistant and good friend of Swami Kriyananda. Mahavatar Babaji would come visit Indu Bhan’s mother Rani and … Read More

There’s No Place Like D-Om

“Natural is the way nature permits.” Buckminister Fuller, the renowned visionary and inventor who championed the geodesic dome, shared this insight on his unconventional view of the world. He called it “Synergetics.”  What is “Synergetics?” When you observe nature, he said, you begin to realize that there are no right angles or squares. What you find are curves, triangles, and dome-like shapes. We live in a spherical world or what Bucky called “Spaceship Earth.” However, most “modern” architecture has not … Read More

The Kriya Yoga Conspiracy

There are a number of conspiracy theories swirling around the global pandemic. Here are some I’ve heard: Some people are calling it the “plan-demic” – a pre-programmed communist propaganda campaign to conquer America. The technocratic elite are trying to dominate and own the mind of the little man by using the media to induce tacit compliance. 5G-Coronavirus connection in Wuhan and the WHO trying to vaccinate the masses and trim down the world population. And, you know, there may well … Read More

“By All Means!”

Over ten years ago, just a few months after we were married, Dharmadevi and I attended an informal satsang with Swami Kriyananda. It was held at his home at Ananda Village, the Crystal Hermitage. We were in one of Swami’s first homes at the hermitage — a geodesic dome which lends itself to expansive and creative outside-the-box thinking.  During the discussion with Swamiji and a small group of about twenty people, the subject turned to the Bodhi Tree bookstore in … Read More