Overcoming Nervousness and Fear

God doesn’t mind asking His devotees to serve in ways that are uncomfortable to our egos. In fact, I think He gets a kick out of seeing our little selves squirm! Needless to say, when we consciously embark upon the spiritual path, we are asking God and Guru to help us transcend the ego. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised by some obstacles – or as Paramhansa Yogananda referred to them – opportunities for further growth. One such opportunity is overcoming … Read More

“In Joy and In More Joy …”

On Saturday, April 29th, we celebrated our first annual Yogananda Fest. Yogananda Fest is an inspiring day-long festival celebrating and sharing the teachings of the great Master, Paramhansa Yogananda. If you weren’t able to attend, it’s okay, we already have it scheduled for next year! Saturday, April 28th, 2018. We were trying to think of how to describe the day. Words from one of Yogananda’s chants come to mind… “In joy and in more joy…” Paramhansa Yogananda described God as … Read More

“Did You Hear That?”

“No, I didn’t.” Keshava was asking me if I heard how I added a note to a solo I was practicing from Swami Kriyananda’s Oratorio, Christ Lives! Subconsciously, I was adding a note or two that were not written in the piece. I did not even notice the tendency until Keshava called it to my attention. Though it was evident to Dharmadevi and Keshava who were listening, I couldn’t hear it. Why couldn’t I hear it? I’m not a trained … Read More

Courage to Battle Indifference

–Paramhansa Yogananda Have you ever been in a conversation with a friend or associate and found yourself talking in a way you didn’t like? When you find a fault within yourself, the tendency can be to think, “Well, that is just who I am, I can’t change my personality.” Yoganandaji said, “You can change yourself in an instant.” He also taught to make every breath a new incarnation. He didn’t just mean we could change our bad habits. He was … Read More

Oh, My Remembrance of Thee!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine lent me a number of books to read. She is a reading enthusiast. Well, that’s putting it lightly. She is on two library boards and she’s pretty much memorized the library of congress classification system. Not to mention she’s taken a speed reading course twice! After she lent me the books, she was joining us for our Raja Yoga class. I joked to her during the class that you could have all … Read More

Heart Over Mind

In the early morning hours, when the veil between the material world and the other worlds is thin, I often awaken with phrases from Master’s chants, affirmations, poems, and other writings running through my mind. It amazes me how perfectly his words attune with whatever is going on with my life situation at the time. These spiritual experiences remain vivid and comfort me in times of need. My most recent experience occurred a few days ago. Recently I have been … Read More


The lunch bell rings and kids nationwide suffer through the social turmoil of finding friends and feeling welcome at a lunch table. Lunch time each day on campus can feel like a pit of despair filled with isolation and rejection. I recently heard a story on CBS about a young man whose simple generosity, a smile here, kind words there, is changing lives. Denis Estimon is a Haitian immigrant who arrived in the US as a first grader. At school … Read More

Creativity Arise!

I never considered myself an artist because I’m not particularly good at painting, drawing, or composing music. I realized, however, that creativity takes many forms and I discovered I have a knack for starting businesses. I started my first business when I was 18, which grew to employ 25 people. At 20, I helped my brother and sister-in-law create a successful online business. That business allowed them to quit their corporate jobs, buy their own home, and send their daughter … Read More

How “Seva” Was Born

The idea for a business to generate income for Ananda started as an inspiration after a gathering of Ananda’s next generation in Assisi last summer. As soon as I mentioned it to Navashen he jumped on board with enthusiasm. Our business idea went through a lot of iterations and it made us think about the purpose of what we were doing and who we wanted to serve. Our goal was to create a business where the bottom line was not … Read More

Babaji: The Best Roommate Ever!

“‘Whenever anyone utters with reverence the name of Babaji,’ Lahiri Mahasaya said, ‘that devotee attracts an instant spiritual blessing.’” – Autobiography of a Yogi This past week we had a work day to prepare our new South Bay temple. The old South Bay center had a large murti (statue) of Mahavatar Babaji. During our transition from the old space to the current temple, one of our friends took Babaji for a number of months as a roommate. She said he’s … Read More