Peaceful Protester

Have you ever been part of a protest? I haven’t, but I did walk through one that I recall. Years ago when I was working in New York City, I went out to get some lunch to bring back to the office. Actually, I should call it “lunch” because I was so hypnotized at that time by NYC’s fast pace it was closer to stuffing my face at my desk while staring at a computer. I digress… While walking down … Read More

Base Camp or Summit?

Where on the mountain are you? Standing at base camp, gazing up with awe at the snow-capped peak, or planting a flag at the summit, beaming with triumphant victory? Or perhaps somewhere in between? The spiritual path is often likened to a mountain climb, requiring conscious effort, grit, determination, and savvy orienteering. It’s a funny and paradoxical metaphor, though, when you really think about it. Firstly, what does the mountain represent? I suggest the mountain is our own ego. I … Read More

Overcoming FOMO by Going Loco for LOBO!

My next door neighbor has two dogs, Aimos and Biggie. Ironically, Amos is bigger than Biggie! He’s a short haired Saint Bernard weighing about 150 pounds. Biggie is a smaller English bulldog. Whenever I go to pet Biggie, Amos will butt in (literally) so he can be petted. He does not like being left out! He uses his weight and size to steal affection from us. He has what is known as FOMO (fear of missing out). I’ve realized after … Read More

Transcending Suffering

Have you ever gotten food poisoning? After eating out the other week, I was feeling sick to my stomach. When we got home Dharmadevi gave me some Goldenseal tincture which is a healing herb. I’ll spare you the unpleasant details. Suffice it to say even though my soul wanted to march on, my body went down for the count! I hammed up my role as the sick person and jokingly started to seek self-pity. I asked Dharmadevi, “Did you tell … Read More

Sorry, I Already Forgave at the Office

Forgiveness has been on my mind lately. It seems like it ought to be easy. I mean, if Christ could forgive the ones who tortured him to death, surely I should be able to forgive a person for some lesser act, such as lying and betrayal, right? So why is it so hard to forgive, to really, totally, for-once-and-for-all completely forgive a wrongdoer and experience only love for them from then on? I have talked to enough people about this … Read More

Overcoming Addiction through Addiction to God

Do you know someone who has successfully overcome addiction? What were the keys to their success? I suspect one central ingredient to overcoming addiction is surrender to a Higher power as outlined in AA’s 12 step program. It occurred to me we can all be part of another therapy group called “EA” or “Ego-holics Anonymous.” We are working on overcoming the addiction to our egos! I can see an introduction in “EA” going something like: “Hello, my name is Narayan … Read More

Who Goes There?

Knock, knock. Who’s there?  [insert punchline] Good old knock-knock jokes – we’ve all heard them, and many of us probably spent our ninth year on this planet trying them out on anyone who would listen. Lately a knock-knock joke has been knocking on the door of my consciousness, over and over, while I’m trying to meditate. Is it Divine Mother’s joke, or just my inner child being a nuisance? Who knows. Anyways, I’m releasing it into the ether in a … Read More

Interest in God & “The Godfather”

About ten years ago I was visiting my parents on the east coast. Because I was jet lagged from the flight, I couldn’t sleep and got up at 2am. I went to the family room and to my surprise my father was awake watching ”The Godfather.” Well, this wasn’t a total surprise as he had watched it many times! “Dad, why is Michael Corleone going to Miami at this stage of the story?” Although it was late at night, he … Read More

Patient-Endurance Leads You to Victory

  Impatience leads us to believe that contentment is passive. How can I be happy when things are not as they should be? Wouldn’t it be complacency to accept things as they are? I used to think this way. I would tell myself (self-righteously) “But I have to make something happen. Things aren’t going to change themselves.” It’s true that we have to put out dynamic energy in a positive direction in order to enact change in our lives. It’s … Read More

The Royal Road of Realization

Have you ever used voice-to-text? I’m a big fan as I’m old school and don’t like to chicken peck text. I’ve found freedom in voice-to-text. Though, everything comes with a price. And with voice-to-text the price is transcription errors! Actually, my phone has a creative interpretation of my voice. For example, one time I said, “Dharmadevi” and it came out “Army Baby.” Close to the truth as her father was in the Navy! I tried Narayan which was transcribed as, … Read More