Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare 

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What Is Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare? 

A health education and promotion program dedicated to Recharging those who selflessly serve their communities.

Year 2020 has been a time of unprecedented challenges for every person and every nation on the globe, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare personnel and first responders especially have been hit hard by the stress, fear, anxiety, and other symptoms. Working as a healthcare professional has already been established as one of the most stressful jobs; and studies have shown an evening worsening impact on the physical, mental, and financial well-being during this pandemic. 

Facts Supporting the Need for This Program


Our Story

Simon Bedwell

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Kalamali Joy, MPH

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Allie Register

Nevada City, CA, USA

Samiran Patel, MD

Kansas City, KS, USA

Deeply concerned by the increasing burnout in healthcare, a group of like-minded individuals with varying backgrounds in the field happened to be connected to one another as a response to the second wave of the pandemic.  

These individuals all had one thing in common: Daily practitioners of meditation and yoga principles, as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the well-known spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi.  These principles of yoga were not limited to physical postures, but understanding that energy and where we direct it, as well as how, can have a positive and lasting impact on our wellbeing.

United by one vision: To serve those who serve others. 

Together this team quickly launched a virtual pilot program, “Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare,” followed by development of a free comprehensive program that includes the Recharge Card™ Set and short companion Recharge Course. Along with additional tools in yoga and mindfulness, this evidence-based program helps improve physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing for those who bring it into their daily life.  

All participants then have the option to join other healthcare professionals and mentors from the field, with access to further resources such as the Wellness Toolkit and ways to pay it forward.

Free Programming

The Recharge Cardâ„¢ Set & Course.

Offering scientifically-proven yoga and mindfulness tools for everyday life.


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Recharge the profession.

Help support the production of more resources and materials like the Recharge Card™ Set for all those in need. 


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Program Affiliation

Crystal Clarity Publishers

The Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare program and companion Recharge Card set is offered through Crystal Clarity Publishers, which strives to combine the highest insights of the East with the practical-mindedness of the West. Crystal Clarity is best known for publishing the well-known spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda. The inspiration for Crystal Clarity Publishers is this great yoga master’s influence on the West.  

Ananda Los Angeles

The global spiritual organization, Ananda, with its branch in Los Angeles, California where Yogananda settled to share his teachings, is home to Crystal Clarity Publishers. Ananda is known for its yoga retreat centers and meditation and yoga teacher training programs. Find an Ananda Near You.