Dear Friends,

We’d like to address the “adjustment reaction” that we are all experiencing as a result of the global pandemic.

Since the pandemic threatens life, it triggers subconscious reactions in each of us. It is common to see people reacting with anger, confusion, panic, and denial. Some denial responses are: “This isn’t as bad as it looks…the flu kills more people.” 

Whether we realize it or not, we’re going through a history-altering event that will probably change the world irrevocably like WWI, WWII, or the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918. 

If we are overreacting, then in a few months we can say what nervous nellies we were. We are trying to be balanced as Master said, “be cautious, not fearful…. Do your best to remove the causes of disease, and then be absolutely unafraid.” 

We are all taking the steps to remain safe physically for ourselves and others through social distancing and other common sense measures. At the same time, let’s remember that many people will struggle to adjust mentally and emotionally to this crisis. Although external circumstances will have their own momentum, we are being asked as warriors of light to adapt and be strong.

Why is this such a hard adjustment? One big reason is that the novel coronavirus grows exponentially while in our normal everyday life we are accustomed to linear growth. With a pandemic virus like this, its growth can be explosive.

Dr. Peter gave an illustration this morning to help us understand exponential growth. Imagine you are in a sports stadium up in the nosebleed section all the way at the top. There is one drop of water on the pitcher’s mound. Through exponential growth the drops of water double every minute. So after two minutes, two drops. After three minutes, four drops. After four minutes, eight drops. And so on…How long would it take to fill the stadium with water? Only 51 minutes!

The point is that with exponential increases things can change abruptly. You wouldn’t take special notice of the water being a threat until the last five minutes.

To give you a real world example, Dr. Peter’s own medical clinic just outside Ananda Village has moved their entire practice to telemedicine within one month. This very well may be the new normal for how he practices medicine.

Another example he mentioned was Spain. About a week ago they said their number of cases were real but they were not too concerned about it. The next day they declared an emergency. And the following day the country went on lock down.

All this to say, we want to prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally and, of course, spiritually. We were made for this moment. We were made to be warriors of light during these turbulent times. 

Let’s unite in Spirit and “stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.” And to do that, we urge you to contact God’s unshakable presence through daily meditation. And then during activity take whatever sensible next steps to be practical in your ideals.

Love & Blessings,

Narayan & Dharmadevi

P.S. And we are holding onto the “eternal light of hope”! As Master said:

“Hope is the eternal light on the pathway each soul must travel to its ultimate destiny of perfection, God. It has its roots in the intuitive consciousness of the image of God within us. Hold fast to the silver thread of hope, wind it on the spool of your life, and follow it to the loftiest heights. Never let go, never lose hope. No hope is too grand or too impossible for this all-seeing eye of intuitive Faith to bring into manifestation.” -Paramhansa Yogananda