Spiritual Experiences

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” I’ve often heard and thought about these beautiful words of Jesus Christ. On a visit to our Ananda Seattle community, I gained a new insight into what Jesus meant. During our travels there a few years ago, I met a man who was taking The Art & Science of Raja Yoga course. He told me how much he was enjoying his studies and, that through his practice of the … Read More

Conquer Complaining

One time while Paramhansa Yogananda was still in his guru’s ashram he began to compare their spiritual work to another organization that had a larger outward following. He expressed this disappointment to his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar. Sri Yukteswar scolded him saying, “What our organization is, no other is; and this is the way God wants to play through you and me, and you must never compare with others.” Yogananda said he learned a great lesson that day that made … Read More

Engaging The Heart

Right after New Year’s Eve, my daughter became really ill with a virus that resulted in four weeks of coughing, congestion, and many sleepless nights for the whole family. My husband and I take a holistic approach to health, so we believe in the healing power of food and supporting the body with natural remedies. This has worked well for us given the fact that she’s never been sick in all four years of her awesome (obviously healthy) life. But … Read More