Kriya Yoga & the Tesla Coil in Your Spine

My friend recently got a tattoo of the infinity symbol on her arm. To her, it represents God within her as infinite strength. She added an arrow through the infinity symbol pointing upwards to remind her that inspiration, abundance, and divine potential come from Spirit. What an inspiring piece of body art! And she’s only 17! You’re supposed to be 18 to legally get a tattoo in California. I won’t divulge that Dharmadevi helped her (Ooops, spoiler alert!). As the … Read More

What Is My Dharma?

By Nayaswami Dharmadevi February 4, 2019 “How do I know my dharma?” This question was asked of Swami Kriyananda during an informal gathering I attended in 2008. Dharma, in this context, refers to one’s life purpose. “If you have a guru, you ask him,” Swamiji said, “and if not, you follow your heart and do that which is put in front of you to do.” Immediately, when I got home, I emailed Swami and asked him, as the representative of … Read More