Banish the Rebel-King of Ignorance

“I’m a white, male, overweight, from the South, Baptist minister. If you want to know about racism, and the product of it, look at me.” These words were uttered by a pastor during a Hindu Christian interfaith meeting I attended this past week. The room stood still with rapt attention for what he would say next. “The most defining moment of my life happened at the age of 10 years old.” Being from the South he shared that he grew … Read More

Willing to Be Right

By Nayaswami Dharmadevi Last week we attended Spiritual Renewal Week at Ananda Village. It was a week filled with inspirational talks each morning by speakers who have dedicated their lives to Self-realization. Each evening was a unique expression of divine art – from a concert of Swami Kriyananda’s music to a performance of his play “The Jewel in the Lotus.” Our week ended with a Kriya initiation, like a crescendo in the most beautiful symphony. Early in the week, my … Read More

Willing to Be Wrong

By Nayaswami Narayan Have you ever made a mistake and realized it right after the fact? I had a moment like that the other day with Dharmadevi. What happened? Soccer-ego. Allow me to explain. I grew up playing soccer since I was about five years old. I know the game well (Not that it’s all that complicated!). As my old college teammate and friend used to say, “You pass the ball, you kick the ball. It’s a simple game.” Dharmadevi … Read More


“Mother Teresa expressed sexuality.” These words hung in the air, with more than a little bit of tension, in the conservative Catholic Church in middle Georgia. I was blessed to grow up with a priest who was truly a man of God and didn’t mind stirring up the congregation to get a principle across. It was Valentine’s Day when Narayan and I happened to be visiting my mom several years ago. Father Fred invited up an older couple who were … Read More

The Ripe Use of “I”

Did you know that “I” is the most common pronoun in the English language? I (Egad, it just came out!) guess that’s not a big surprise. We like to talk about ourselves. Not only to others, but probably more so to ourselves. How do you speak to yourself? Perhaps you’ve beaten yourself up recently. I don’t mean physically, but rather some old school mental self-flagellation. You know, those kind of negative self deprecating thoughts that tell you everything that is … Read More