Formula For Success (Part 2)

Part One of this blog looked at the blessing of having a guru. Now I’d like to explore Attunement. As a musician, when I hear the word Attunement, it calls to mind the process I go through when I sit down to play the harp. Even though it’s time-consuming, I take the time to tune all 58 strings of my double-strung harp. It’s the difference between heavenly harmony and unpleasant discord. Did you know that the human body reorganizes itself … Read More

God’s Call Within

Have you ever heard a whisper through your conscience that you disregarded? I think a lot of times I’m simply deaf to Divine guidance. However, the other day I started my morning with a “deeper, longer, thirsty, guru-given meditation” that made me more receptive to the silent language of grace. Dharmadevi and I meditated for a longer period of time and ended with healing prayers for a friend who was in need of support. After our meditation we left for … Read More