“The Whirling Rainbow” – Prophecy

About eight years ago at Ananda Village Swami Kriyananda dedicated a piece of land (called Sunset Ridge) for a temple site. I was part of the group. Right after Swamiji dug up a ceremonial piece of earth, we looked up to the sun and noticed something spectacular. I’d never seen it before (or since). It was a full circle rainbow around the circumference of the sun. I had forgotten this experience until Nayaswami Jyotish shared during Swami Kriyananda’s birthday celebration … Read More

The Infectious Ease of Joy

Having spent the last week at Ananda Village for the Kriyaban retreat, I got an infection! But it’s not the kind you think. It’s the infectious ease of joy. The divine friendships, beautiful environment, inspirational talks, uplifting music, and deep kriya meditations have transmitted a touch of joy upon my soul. I hope to transmit it to you too! Why did God create our world and the universe? It’s a question that has puzzled many for millenia. The traditional answer … Read More

Peaceful Protester

Have you ever been part of a protest? I haven’t, but I did walk through one that I recall. Years ago when I was working in New York City, I went out to get some lunch to bring back to the office. Actually, I should call it “lunch” because I was so hypnotized at that time by NYC’s fast pace it was closer to stuffing my face at my desk while staring at a computer. I digress… While walking down … Read More

Base Camp or Summit?

Where on the mountain are you? Standing at base camp, gazing up with awe at the snow-capped peak, or planting a flag at the summit, beaming with triumphant victory? Or perhaps somewhere in between? The spiritual path is often likened to a mountain climb, requiring conscious effort, grit, determination, and savvy orienteering. It’s a funny and paradoxical metaphor, though, when you really think about it. Firstly, what does the mountain represent? I suggest the mountain is our own ego. I … Read More