Overcoming Addiction through Addiction to God

Do you know someone who has successfully overcome addiction? What were the keys to their success? I suspect one central ingredient to overcoming addiction is surrender to a Higher power as outlined in AA’s 12 step program. It occurred to me we can all be part of another therapy group called “EA” or “Ego-holics Anonymous.” We are working on overcoming the addiction to our egos! I can see an introduction in “EA” going something like: “Hello, my name is Narayan … Read More

Who Goes There?

Knock, knock. Who’s there?  [insert punchline] Good old knock-knock jokes – we’ve all heard them, and many of us probably spent our ninth year on this planet trying them out on anyone who would listen. Lately a knock-knock joke has been knocking on the door of my consciousness, over and over, while I’m trying to meditate. Is it Divine Mother’s joke, or just my inner child being a nuisance? Who knows. Anyways, I’m releasing it into the ether in a … Read More

Interest in God & “The Godfather”

About ten years ago I was visiting my parents on the east coast. Because I was jet lagged from the flight, I couldn’t sleep and got up at 2am. I went to the family room and to my surprise my father was awake watching ”The Godfather.” Well, this wasn’t a total surprise as he had watched it many times! “Dad, why is Michael Corleone going to Miami at this stage of the story?” Although it was late at night, he … Read More