Patient-Endurance Leads You to Victory

  Impatience leads us to believe that contentment is passive. How can I be happy when things are not as they should be? Wouldn’t it be complacency to accept things as they are? I used to think this way. I would tell myself (self-righteously) “But I have to make something happen. Things aren’t going to change themselves.” It’s true that we have to put out dynamic energy in a positive direction in order to enact change in our lives. It’s … Read More

The Royal Road of Realization

Have you ever used voice-to-text? I’m a big fan as I’m old school and don’t like to chicken peck text. I’ve found freedom in voice-to-text. Though, everything comes with a price. And with voice-to-text the price is transcription errors! Actually, my phone has a creative interpretation of my voice. For example, one time I said, “Dharmadevi” and it came out “Army Baby.” Close to the truth as her father was in the Navy! I tried Narayan which was transcribed as, … Read More

Interiority Simplex

“My Lord, my God, my all!” Saint Francis on his knees prayed with simplicity, fervor, and a deep wellspring of devotion. Bernard, a wealthy businessman, had invited Francis to his home to discover if he was truly a saint. At first Bernard was skeptical of Francis. However, when Bernard spied Francis late at night praying with such intensity and enthusiasm over and over, “My Lord, my God, my All…” he then realized Francis was a true man of God. He … Read More