“You Won’t Have to Fear Anything Anymore…”

“Christ!” I woke myself up again screaming the Lord’s name. No, this was not in vain, but a desperate call for help. I’m not exactly sure why I do it. I’ve startled my wife Dharmadevi so many times she’s become immune to the shrieking surprise. It feels like I’m being tortured and I wake myself up calling out to Christ for help when the pain gets to an unbearable threshold. Do I really need to understand exactly why this happens … Read More

Be Real, and Accept Your Awesome Reality!

Dharmadevi and I took a seclusion between Christmas and New Years. What, you may ask, did I gain from spending time in silence with longer meditations and periods of introspection? Well, one thing that became clear; I have a long way to go! “God,” I thought (more in exasperation than in prayer!), “I’ve got a lot of faults to work on. I’m never going to get there!” I tipped the balance from self-awareness to self-absorption (not absorption with the infinite … Read More