New Year Message

The New Year has come to greet you with new hopes, new determination, new will-to-achieve, new activities. In the Temple of the New Year renew your reverence for the unlimited hidden power of God within you. The trails of trials and the yawning chasms of woe have been left behind in the dark night of the past — now you are entering the daylight of a new-born hope of the New Year. Cast off the coil of the decayed thoughts of the … Read More

Why Celebrate Christmas?

Is it right to use the birth of Christ for material rejoicings involved in decorations, Christmas dinners and the exchange of gifts, or is it right to worship the coming of Christ only in Spirit? Christ is only suggested in social Christmas festivities, but He is seen and felt as an everlasting, ever-joyous fact in the cradle of divine ecstasy. Unless you make the effort to really get acquainted with the ever-living Christ, born as new wisdom and new happiness … Read More

The Christmas Mystery

Dec. 17, 1991 Dear Friends: Just twenty-six years ago this month I wrote a very special song, one that has remained for many people a favorite among my compositions. I still recall repeatedly wiping away the tears that I might see to write. It was a carol, and I gave it the name, “The Christmas Mystery.” The refrain went: We human beings have a tendency to look at the world around us superficially. We don’t see the deeper realities. When … Read More

Sending Out A (Christ Consciousness) SMS

A couple of years ago a friend of mine, Saiganesh, came with some other devotees to visit Los Angeles for a weekend of programs with Nayaswami Asha. I did not have his cell phone number so we exchanged numbers so we could communicate about weekend details. That evening I sent him a text message saying, “See you in the morning for meditation at (such and such a location).” He responded, “Who’s this?” Since this was the first text he received … Read More