Complaining Fast, Gratitude Feast

“Oh, I’m so sorry the elevator did not work for you!” I was apologizing to a woman who was confined to a wheelchair. We had spoken on the phone a few days before and I assured her the elevator in our plaza was in service. For whatever reason on that Sunday it malfunctioned. Since we had already started our service, no one knew she needed help downstairs. She left a voicemail letting me know what happened. I felt horrible as … Read More

Life is a Battlefield

Have you ever felt like life kicks you when you’re down? That’s because it does! Humanity is at war between the forces of light and of darkness in the consciousness of man. Swami Kriyananda dedicated an entire chapter of his book The Art & Science of Raja Yoga to this topic: Life is a Battlefield! The battle is waged within each one of us. The epic story of the Mahabharata is the perfect spiritual allegory. We have great warriors on … Read More

In The Temple of Silence

About a year ago, Ananda LA expanded its aura to embrace the greater metropolitan area by opening several new centers across the urban-expanse. It was (and is) an exciting time, there was lots of new energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to create little hives where we, the little devotee-bees, could gather the honey of our collective devotion. Have you ever walked into a temple, or some hallowed place, and been struck by an immediate sense of Divine presence? Such places … Read More