I grew up playing football, or soccer as most people know it in America. But to the rest of the world it is known as football or more aptly, “the beautiful game.” I love football, soccer, footie, whatever you want to call it. For me, playing is a transcendental experience. Meditative. No, it doesn’t replace my formal meditation practice, but it’s a fun reflection of God’s beauty, harmony, and joy in nature. Spirit and nature dance together on a football … Read More

“I’m With The Trees”

After a long day of work selling produce on a hot summer day, I went to practice my soccer skills by kicking a ball with my eternal friend…the wall (this was a special wall from the junior high school in my neighborhood). After practicing I was hot and tired. I turned around from the wall and saw the trees swaying in the warm summer breeze. Strange as it sounds, I had been thinking about a question, “Where are you between … Read More

Traffic, My Great Teacher

…was giving me lots of trouble. So much trouble in fact, that I was beginning to feel as though I were taking my life in my hands every time I ventured out on the freeways to attend Ananda LA, home of my precious spiritual family. It all came to a head for me one night when a car spun out in front of me on the I-10 as I was driving home from our Janmashtami celebration. I grumbled about my … Read More

Babaji’s Helping Hand

I had a mysterious encounter with a stranger about eight years ago, the memory of which has always puzzled me. I was in Washington DC with my high-school class on a field-trip during one of the most intense snow-storms the city had seen in nearly a decade (or so we were told). We were having dinner at a host’s house one evening when it began to snow. By the time we finished dinner, there was six inches of snow on … Read More