MLM (Multi-Level Meditation)

Have you ever been sold a lotion or potion by a relative? They’ve found the new thing that will “change your life” and all of sudden you’re paying $39 a month for supplements you never knew you needed! My earthly father was involved in a number of MLMs (multi-level-marketing). He sold magnets, water purifiers, insurance, and more. He was even a blood plasma broker. I recall driving plasma to FedEx for him. Who brokers blood plasma?! My father did. I’d … Read More

Freedom Community

We all walked to the spot where Ananda’s new Temple of Light will be built, chanting Aum Guru, and waited in anticipation for the groundbreaking ceremony to begin. As the statues of our line of gurus were lovingly placed on the spot where the future altar would be, we could feel their living presence descend. These were not little marble murtis; they were, in fact, our Masters, smiling at the four hundred devotees gathered to celebrate. We were there to … Read More

The “Biz-za-ness” of IS-a-ness

“Son, it’s Pappa Chan…you know the number…it’s about biz-za-ness.” When I heard this colorful voicemail that my earthly father left me, my first thought was, “Isn’t business two syllables?” My father was an old school Italian salesman. He enjoyed sales or as he coined it, “biz-za-ness.” Then I realized hidden beneath his humor was a deep spiritual truth. Isn’t God, I thought, in the “Biz-za-ness of Is-a-ness?” Yes, He IS! Think of this: a million years ago God IS. And … Read More