Learning to Focus

The first lesson in Ananda’s Health & Healing Course is “Learning to Focus.” Why? Imagine, your best friend falls and breaks his ankle. How would you respond? More than likely, all of your focus and attention would immediately go to helping your friend – getting him calmed down and as comfortable as possible, rushing him to the hospital, etc. Now, imagine that same scenario but rather than all your focus going to your friend, you find yourself thinking: “What I … Read More

Facing My Fear…

Recently, I’ve received many growth opportunities nicely wrapped in extreme discomfort. We all get these. And it’s interesting how the same type of challenge can provide different degrees of pain for each of us depending on our attachments. My personal bag of ego attachments meant that my recent, particular challenges were excruciating. I felt completely inadequate for what I was being asked to do and felt completely justified in my fears. Exact details aside, my soul, which I suspect has … Read More

Clouseau Consciousness

  Before Cosmic Consciousness comes Clouseau Consciousness. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Inspector Clouseau. I don’t mean his character, but the universal life lessons he shares. If you don’t know who he was, he was a character in the farcical Pink Panther series. Clouseau is inept and incompetent, nevertheless he successfully solves his cases entirely by accident. Not only is he quite a comedic character, but  also he has some profound lessons to share with us. … Read More