Kundalini Highway

Tonight we have an Art & Science of Raja Yoga class on the “Anatomy of Yoga”.

During a drive in Los Angeles I became inspired to write the following poem about the “anatomy of traffic”.

It’s a fun experiential journey about LA traffic. Hope you enjoy it, but don’t read while driving!


Kundalini Highway

I hated you once.

Your snarling masses heaving coughs of emissions

Congestion, backed up, bumper to bumper


Then I saw your lights…

Trails of red and white snaking towards a common delight

Home, Home, Home.

Your engines hum, hum, and rumble

Towards the spiral stairway of trafficness.

Traffic, yes!

Oh, yes…I hated you,

Fought you like a demon, cursed your name to friends, family, enemies, and strangers alike

While with you and during periods of respite.

And then, I accepted you…

Your massive reality, your omnipresence, beyond space seemingly,

and certainly beyond time!

You are traffic.

And not just any, but LA traffic.

Bringing me to my knees, I surrender now in joy

for Thou art my teacher, 

My friend,

yes, my beloved.

I love you.

Adore you.

Am in awe of your power sublime..

Can’t think of anything but you…

Can’t see anything but you…

“The” 10 to 110 to 101 to 405…

It’s a circular journey, a spiritual one,

Returning to zero

Going nowhere,

And everywhere!


Haha. Certainly beyond time! It's one long timeless piece :-) and a real teaching: acceptance turns things around! And why? Because the material world is born of thought!

Haha. And certainly beyond time! One long timeless piece :-)

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